A Case for Bitcoin and Black America

The Policy for Black America

The Yesteryears

For decades following the civil war, the emancipated Black American was deemed a national burden. Black Americans were afforded the right to freedom, citizenship and political suffrage. However, President Andrew Johnson dismantled the Freedmen’s Bureau and subsequently crippled the secure, successful transition of Black Americans into capitalism.

As a direct…

Progressive politicians and progressive technologists often identify the same social problems, their root causes, and the endgame. However, the methods deployed to solve those issues are drastically different. Political progressives believe the most effective way to solve social issues is through legislation, regulation, and state capitalism. However, this paternalistic approach…

Bitcoin is a policy based on equality, sound money, and decentralized governance

Essay Objectives:

  • Critique self-serving policies.
  • Explore the pitfalls of policy through regulation.
  • Explore the advantages of policy through technological innovation.
  • Proclaim Bitcoin as a policy of decentralized money and governance.


Self-Serving Policy

While some policies benefit the general population, most serve individual self-interests. The potential profitability of a self-serving policy depends on…

matthew goodwin

Bay Area native, sociologist, web developer, writer, BTC enthusiast, twitter @matthewjgooodwin

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